USB Charger/Wireless 1080P Remote Surveillance Camera

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USB Charger/Wireless 1080P Remote Surveillance Camera

This is One the Best Wireless Remote Wifi Camera Chargers available.  It Records Video and Audio. The Camera is Hidden within the Charger. And, with Remote Monitoring, no matter where you are, You'll Always Know what is going on at Home. 

  • Resolution of 1920X1080P
  • Supports Upto 64GB Memory Card
  • 8GB MicroSD Card Records 20-24 hours 
    16GB MicroSD Card Records 40-48 hours 
    32GB MicroSD Card Records 80-96 hours 
    64GB MicroSD Card Records 160-192 hours
  • 2 USB Ports with Output of 5V / 1A & 2.1A
  • Records Audio & Video
  • Remote Monitoring via Wifi & Cell Phone
  • MicroSD Memory Card NOT included

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